Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hi there everyone! Well, I have no special stories to tell today so I'll just give everyone an update with on the Wiggins crew. Well, i woke in the middle of the night with this crazy sick headache. (i never get sick, so when i even get a headache it's like the end of the world to me) it was still there when i awoke. i felt so bad that i didn't even blowdry my hair; just went to church with it wet. luckily, wednesdays are days that another dear church lady comes in to help in the school while i do office work. since she was there, i paraded on down to my husband's office and crashed on his couch. i know it sounds terrible, but i left my poor little four year old in my office (which is joined to my husband's) playing with toys. i figured if he needed help he'd either come get me or figure it out himself. so there i was out like a light, yet very much aware of what was going on around me. (I hate that kind of sleeping, it makes for crazy dreams) i even remember shelby coming in and putting a blanket over me and saying, "You just sleep" how sweet and concerned she was. so i awoke 5 hours later...still with a headache. it makes me so mad to have one. it's eased off a little now, though.

Brody- he's doing well. cut his own hair the other the following morning, he got a real haircut. he's so funny.

Bailey- goodness, i guess i have a new story to tell on her everyday. i just don't always post them for sake of it being all about her all the time. she's such a joy. the other day she realized she could make the "mmm". needless to say, she did that for over an hour and at a very high volume.

Shelby- just trucking along in her schoolwork. she's my helper & friend.

Michael- the busiest man on earth. just kidding! but you preacher's wives know what i mean. but you know what, we wouldn't have it any other way. when it's what God calls you to do (shepherd a flock) then you enjoy doing it! he's great. the best man in the world.

so that's it. update....complete; headache....still there; church tonight....can't wait; sleep tonight....AMEN!