Sunday, September 27, 2009

so my dad says that i dont blog enough! well, just for him im bloggin today!!! so he'd better read this. today was the last day for him, my mom, michelle, and michael to be at church with us! boohoo! i shouldn't complain...i've had my mommy and daddy within a few hours of me for quite some time now. but that's just it, i've gotten used to seeing them a lot.

my daddy was so handsome today at church. i've always thought he was such a handsome man! my mama is a lucky lady. and he's lucky, too. my mama is the very best in the whole wide world!!!!!

we began mission conference today. what a blessing! bro ricky dunsford with the rock of ages prison ministry is the preacher for the conference. we've known bro ricky and mrs judy...well...i can't remember not ever knowing them! they are wonderful people. we also have two wonderful missionary families with us. the rackley family to madagascar and the mulkey family to the west indies. what a blessing it is to have missionaries in our services!

anyway, that's it for now. just a quick little update!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

so as most of you know, we are in the process of potty training bailey. things generally go fairly smooth if we remember to take her often. but believe me, there are accidents, big ones. ya know, 8 year old pee & poo is just not the same as infant/toddler pee & poo! ha

well, i got busy cooking last night and forgot about her being in big girl panties. shelby hollers, "i think bailey is poopy". i tell her to check. next thing i hear is a sound of disgust from shelby, "eewww! it's coming out the top of her panties. hurry mama!" so i immediately drop the pork chops and race bailey to the bathroom.

here we go. she can't stand alone on one leg, she has to have support. so saying, "step out" is out of the question. so i have this 80 pound 8 year old holding on to me (while she's trying to hold her cards, for those of you who know her) while i am trying to take down her shorts. accomplished. now i go for the shoes and socks! after what feels like hours of balancing acts with her and my hair being pulled, glasses being squished up against my face....accomplished. now for the real task, getting poopy panties off w/o any huge disaster!

easier said than done. i try to ease it off one leg at a time, then plunk! what looks like a huge cow patty drops onto the ceramic tile floor! here comes bailey's foot's seemed like slow motion....right into the middle of it....sending her slipping onto the floor, poop flyin everywhere! of course all of this happened within a matter of like 90 seconds, but seemed like an eternity.

long story short, a bath was very much needed and so given. floors were cleaned and panties were tired to worry with cleaning them!

another day in the life of donya wiggins. how funny! btw- no, i did not have a bad attitude throughout any of it! it's life, people....only ours gets a little hairy at times!! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"What about Jesus?" That was the sermon title for this morning. how convicting God's word is! michael preached Isaiah 53 to us. it was such a simple sermon, but boy did it ever pack a powerful punch! sometimes we get so busy in our lives....even me, being a preacher's wife and serving the Lord what seems like every second of every day.......that we leave Jesus out of what we are doing. even when we are 'serving Him', we somehow leave Jesus out.

i am so thankful that the Lord spoke to my heart this morning. i am thankful for the Holy Spirit convicting me and showing me how dirty and sinful i truly am. i am even more thankful that my heavenly Father is willing to forgive me at all times!

so brody had a football game saturday. we get up and start getting ready. we are racing around finding everything he needs: shoulder pads, helmet, cletes, jersey, pants....but where are the socks. we start looking EVERYWHERE for them. how hard can it be to lose bright green socks? immediately we begin to hound brody. you know the usual, "You should have never taken those socks" "why did you lose them" "you never take care of your thing" "if we cant find them, you will get a spanking" "you wont be able to play in the game if we cant find the socks"....on and on. he is arguing that it is not his fault. he begins to blame everyone else: me, chloe (the dog), shelby, name it!

so michael leaves to scour burnet for green socks...yeah, good luck with that! i jump in the shower and it dawns on me....check under my bed. that's where chloe takes all of her 'findings'. BINGO! that is where they are. the dog had taken them hostage! she is quite the smuggler. so all of that fussing with brody and he was right all the time!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

well, my husband and i celebrated 13 years of marriage on monday! it feels like it was yesterday that he was sending me letters thru other people in elementary school! he's such a cutie. i could go on forever...most of you know that already! but i will simply say that he is the best thing outside of my salvation that has ever happened to me. he truly is my best friend. we have so much fun together!

i am so glad the Lord allowed us to be together! of course, michael says he knew since he was in about 5th grade that we would be married one day...i, on the other hand, had to be convinced! ;) but he was right. in fact, the Lord placed him in my life as a 'boyfriend' in the right exact moment. i was surely headed down a path in my teenage life that truly could have led to disaster. i am so thankful to the Lord for giving me a husband who loves Him, his family, his church, and lost sinners.

God is so good! our church members surprised us with an overnight get away. what an unexpected blessing. we have been blessed with a church that is mindful of us and takes such good care of us. we do not deserve to have the wonderful people that we do, but are extremely thankful for them! so we left the kiddos with various sitters from church and off we went. we enjoyed the time to get away and focus just on one another. we were able to talk and laugh and was great!

so thanks to all of the members of VBC for caring for us and loving us and being so thoughtful!
I love you michael don wiggins with all of my heart....i am forever yours!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bailey's Birthday

bailey turned 8 on monday, the 31st. time really flies doesn't it?! we have been on a home video kick lately. we watched several of bailey...when she was around 2 & 3. we were really amazed because she does the exact same things now as she did back then. there are certain movements that she does with her hands & fingers (called stimming or self stimulation); flapping her arms all the time; same sounds; same words; same everything almost. it's comical on the one side, but also disheartening on the other. to think that in 5 years, she has not really changed much developmentally. granted, she did begin to walk when she was 3, so that is one huge milestone!! woo hoo!

she is such a blessing to us, though. she is so lovable and can be so sweet! (notice the 'can be') she started back to school this year. hopefully we will get her potty trained soon. she will go willingly when taken, but makes no effort to let us know when she needs to go. we are working hard to get her out of those pull ups!

she has had no seizures in nearly 8 months! praise the Lord! so there are always good things going on with her and i am so very thankful for that. we do worry though, because she certainly isn't getting younger, but older each year. this brings new difficulties for us. she is heavier and bigger. and this is not an advantage when trying to manipulate her body into the bathtub or into the van. she's very 'stiff', doesn't like to bend at all. i think michael and i need back braces! :) she's also getting stronger...much stronger...much like an ox! ok, i think you've got the picture! so she can 'fight' us off easier now. like when brushing her hair or brushing her teeth or changing her pullup or giving her a bath and so on and so on. everything gets a little harder.

then there's the part that we really don't want to think about, puberty. not sure how to handle this situation AT ALL. i am just praying about it now because it could happen in just a few years. i don't know what we will do. please pray with us that we are able to handle this situation.

anyway, bailey dyan is growing up and is becoming a big girl! she's so special to us, as are all of our children. she brings light and joy to our lives and we love her dearly!