Monday, March 23, 2009

    Hi there everyone!  I know, I have totally deprived all of you of the stories of my life....j/k.  There's been so much going on lately, I hardly know where to start.   Let's see, each year our church holds a Kindred Sisters Gathering which is an all day event for just the ladies at our church.  We have devotion, testimonies, prayer time and food.  What a blessing this day was for me.  

    Then we had Bro. JC House to preach all Sunday (the 15th)  Enough said there!
    Then I also had the opportunity to visit with my mother in law and mother.  They each came in for a visit!  I really enjoy spending time with both of them.
    Then this Sunday we began revival with Dr. Jerry Siler.  He has such a huge heart.  (figuratively, of course)
    Anyway, ladies in my circle, have you ever been in service and the preaching is great, the Spirit is moving, the Lord is working and you just have this urge to stand up and shout?  I know, I'm the only one who wonders, "What would happen if I stood up with a hearty hand raised,  'AMEN BROTHER!' "  One day I just know I'm gonna forget that I am in church and just have a little fit right there in my pew!  Man, I love church.  


Elizabeth said...

I completely love Bro. Siler. He's a "big church preacher" with a "little church preacher" concern for individuals! I'll miss him at camp this year, since we're not going to CBT's camp this year. *sniff*

Tammy said...

I know what you mean, Sister! Sometimes are harder than others to be silent in the church, lol!