Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We had a ladies meeting tuesday night. we had about 25 ladies attend. AMEN!!! as i was listening to the speaker for the night i began to just think (and listen at the same time) of how great our ladies are. i looked around at the faces and thought, "I am so blessed) These ladies are ones who you can count on, depend on, trust to give devotions, trust to head up things and organize things, call on in a pinch, trust to really pray when asked. They have become my best friends. Each one has a special talent; each one is dear to me for different reasons. We have some who came in and looked so tired; i am sure that they worked hard all day, but still made it to the meeting. that says so much about them and their love for the Lord and for the church. I don't know, i could brag for hours, but i just wanted to give them a little thank you for cyber world!