Wednesday, July 15, 2009

hi there everyone! i know, it has been a while since my last post. things have been super crazy here in burnet, tx. we have had a week of super soul winning, vbs, and now youth conference. love it! absolute chaos. Thriving in it all.

anyway, i know that i usually have a crazy story to tell, but not this time. i am writing to let everyone know of the great work the Lord has wrought in my heart. I have been saved for 7 1/2 years, and this is the first time i have truly had revival in my heart. that's right, although i have been saved and serving for all those years; it has been just recently that the Lord has dealt with me in a way like never before....actually, it's not so much that he finally dealt with me, but that i finally yielded to Him.

recently i have vowed to Christ that i would give him my whole heart. (what?! but she's the pastor's wife, doesn't that come along with the package?) i know you are all thinking that. and that's fine, cause you're right. and up until now i thought that i had done that. but boy did He open my eyes to the truth. there have been hidden places in my heart that i was guarding...not anymore...i have turned it all over to Him.

honestly, i was just tired of living a mediocre Christian life. i don't want to be an average pastor's wife. i want to be extraordinary. i want to have that 'happy glow' about me. my burden for others is greater, my prayer life has exploded, my personal Bible reading has become so vivid and alive, my heart has become soul conscious again. it's almost like being born again....again!

i am on fire people! watch out!!! i have said that before in the past, but this time it's for real. my heart is just so full, there are no words to explain it. anyway, i am just so excited about what the Lord has done for me and through me and i wanted to share my excitement with all of you!