Thursday, April 30, 2009

Decently and in Order

well, that is true for the house of God. exactly how things should be done....i just cannot say it is true of the wiggins household. decently, for the majority; but in order...never! we moved to the little town of burnet last may from a big city in columbus, ga. and we are busier now than ever before.
right when i think things are settling down, chaos comes in. it's not always bad chaos, either. actually, i think in thrive in chaos! seriously, i like it when there's always something going on. anyway, this past week has been a chaotic week, to say the least. but again, good chaotic. let's see, last sunday we had a wonderful missionary family. their van needed a brake job, so pastor (my husband) volunteered him and a church member to fix it for them!....between services on sunday. now those of you with a pastor husband know that sundays are crazy! but my husband felt to blessed just by being a blessing to this family. then we had another preacher friend come in on monday....his poor RV messed, of course, our church also volunteered to help him out!
needless to say, my husband is a very kind man and always wants to be a blessing if possible. that's what we're here for, right? to serve God thru serving others?! so we had that preacher, his wife, daughter, and son-in-law over for supper tuesday night. (insert: michael's grandmother has been hospitalized the day before, not doing well at all at the time...more pressure!) after supper he gets a call. his aunt has passed away. (daughter of the grandmother, sister to his mom) (insert...again...they all live in florida.....12 hours away!)
so, among all of this is daily life....i supervise at our church school; we withdrew bailey from school, so now she is with us all day at the church school (another story in itself), so that's a LOT of pressure during the day, michael has all the regular duties of the pastorate, and I have all the duties as church secretary! but i am thriving on all of this! :)
so the preacher friend preaches on wednesday night, a huge blessing! and we leave immediately after services and drive all the way to florida. yes, that means i had less than 24 hours to pack for 4 people (michael packs his own these days)!
so here i am in florida right now at my mother/father-in-law's home. thank God for them. even with all the stress of death in the family and sickness in the family, they are always willing to help out with the kids. (secretly, it was probably a stress reliever for nana to have her grandbabies here....that's the area where nana thrives!!!)
anyway, thought i'd share some of our circus events with all of you! and in all of it, God is Good All the Time!!! AMEN

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When Death Comes

How often have we all heard messages on death. And we have all been taught and do believe that death for a saint is precious. This is so true and is such a comfort during these times. But I think that we sometimes forget that we are still human and that the Lord designed man with emotions.
My husband got a phone call last night informing him that his aunt passed away. Tears are always an immediate response. And this is perfectly fine. In fact, I would be worried if there were no tears.
We are also dealing with the fact that his grandmother is terribly ill. She is the cornerstone of the family. Like an unchanging rock that has held the family together for decades. But this certain rock has been one of prayer and devotion to God. She has uplifted her family to God and interceded on their behalf daily. She is a godly woman.
I ask that you all pray for her as she is in the hospital. Her daughter is the one who passed away last night. I ask for prayer for all of the family in the death of this precious loved one. My real prayer is that the Lord will use all of these circumstances to draw the family closer to Him; to save those who are lost; and to glorify His name through it all.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Pics!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

got a new camera yesterday. so i practiced on shelby grace!

The Story of Us

If you had in your hands a 1970 yearbook from Century High School you would see that my mom and Michael's mom were in the same school. That's right, grew up together in the same town. In fact, an embarrassing fact for my mom...michael's dad was my mom's first kiss. how crazy is that?! You know, people ask me all the time, "how long have you known bro. michael?" well, i can't remember not knowing him! i guess from the time i can remember he's been there.

We both grew up on McDavid Hill in McDavid, FL on Cox Rd. We lived about 5 houses down from one another. Our childhoods were similar and we saw one another often at school; and always around the neighborhood. I guess really it wasn't a neighborhood; we lived out in the country where it was ok to play in the street and where you stay outside or down the road all day without mom worrying about abductions or things like that.

Here are a few of my fondest memories of ours:

Michael always 'liked' me. but i didn't 'like' him...not that way. he would send me THE know, the circle yes or no ones! I kept them for many years, but i guess they were misplaced during one of our moves. the bus always dropped him off first. by the time i would get off the bus, run inside and say, "tell him no!", there he would be in my yard. he'd ride his bike to my house, knock on the door, and ask if i were home. of course, mama was sweet and let him in. jeez, he would bother me the rest of the afternoon! it was that way all through 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

I remember that he would want to sit with me on the i would let him....if he would sing for me. (those of you who know michael know that this is what he loves) but not just any had to be......"Eye of the Tiger". i know it's crazy, but i loved to hear him sing that song. so he would sing it and i would let him sit with me. i'm cracked up right now just thinking about those days!

One more instance was when I was about 13 and he was 14. another neighborhood friend knocks on my door and says she has something for me. it was a cassette tape from michael. i put it in and hear "If me and donya were married, here's what i'd sing to her". the music begins and then you hear him singing karaoke to vince gill's song, "look at us". it was as if he knew that one day we would be together.

Well, time went on and although we stayed in touch (it's a small town), we no longer really socialized together. i didn't like him because i thought he was arrogant. he didn't like me because i thought i was ms. popular. (although deep down i think we both felt a connection) Well, in 1994 i was a junior and he was a senior. we began the school year as normal....only something was different...he had 'changed'! man was he cute!! he had a girlfriend though. but you know how it is, we would smile at one another and my heart would just about beat out of my chest. i remember one day asking him, "who are you all dressed up for?" he said, "you, of course". humorous to some, but he really meant it!

Needless to say, he and the girl broke up and i moved right in! November 1, 1994 was our first date....the day i was given his class ring to wear! to this day, he makes fun of me remembering dates like these. i remember he told me that he loved me after just 2 weeks. i couldn't reply the same. i told him that he didn't know what he was talking about. but he insisted that he did and that even if i wouldn't say it back, he knew for a fact that one day we would be married.

One year later on September 7, 1995, he proposed to me. One year later on the same date, we were married. 12 1/2 years and three children later, it's still the best thing in the world. my heart still skips beats when he sings, when i see him walk into a room, when he calls me on the phone. i'll tell you what, i'm still in love with him to this day. he's the greatest husband in the world. i certainly do not deserve such love and i am so thankful that he is mine!

p.s. i think i'm gonna try to scan some old photos and post them next week! the photo shown with the story is about 3 years old.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hi there everyone! My mother-in-law told me I needed to hurry up and here it is. Well, we have made the decision to turn off the TV in our home. Granted, we never watch bad or inappropriate things. But sometimes we little those 'little foxes' in. So, we have gone back to watching the best things ever....HOME VIDEOS!!! Talk about fun...ok, maybe not fun...maybe embarrassing!
There were videos from our middle school years. It was before I had braces....whew...thank the Lord for braces. It was before Michael had lost all of his baby fat and before I had baby fat. I had great tall, teased bangs and a bad perm. Michael was sporting kinda of a mini mullet! How funny!!
Then I got to thinking about how at the time Michael and I were friends, but not close friends. I mean, we saw one another every day and talked, but we weren't best buds. And look at us now! All married and in love! How sweet! In fact, I think in tomorrow's blog I'll tell the story of us. Of how Michael and I met, fell in love and remain in that same state (in love) today! Yep, that's exactly what I'll do. I know there's got to be some romantics out there who want to hear about it....aren't there?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Hate Satan!

...but then again, every Christian does....eventhough at times we live as though he is our best friend and confidant. Anyway, I'm just feeling the need to vocalize my hatred for him. He seems to really be in the works around here these days; trying in every way possible to cause mischief. Our church is doing well: faithful members, good servants of the Lord, visitors nearly every service, growing in SS & bus ministry. You name it, the Lord is working in it. But just as He is working, the enemy is working as well. I want all of the church members who may read this to know that your pastor and his family is praying for the members of Victory Baptist Church and that we will not sit idly by and watch Satan try to destroy, discourage or dismay. Let's join forces and get a hold of God. Let's make Him preeminent. Let's give Him His due honor. Let's love Him with all that we have!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What A Man!

Just have to brag on my sweet hubby for a minute. Yesterday I woke with a horrible know the kind...that make you sick to your stomach. so i woke him to get bailey dressed for school b/c i felt so horrible. he then insisted that i stay home and rest; he would take care of school. of course i told him that i was fine and could go to school, but i declined after he said, "If you don't stay home i'm not talking to you the rest of the day!" how funny. we sounded like little kids bickering about this. so, i stayed home all day and finally got rid of the headache.
I know it sounds small, but just knowing that i didn't have to worry with any work at school for the whole day was such a blessing. I know that he had many other things that he could have been doing, but he put me first. i fail so often to recognize his love for me and the love that he SHOWS me. he's an awesome husband, father & pastor. thank God for such a man. i surely do not deserve to have married someone like him!