Monday, March 23, 2009

well, i ended up in the nursery tonight b/c bailey won't sit through services. she's crackin me up tonight. don't know if you know many children in the autism spectrum, but sometimes they do the strangest things. like right now, she's standing about 6 inches from a blank wall, looking up at it....she's totally spaced out. she's glaring at that wall like there is something there only she can see. once in a while she will call out "mama" which is not to call me, but is the one word she knows best. she'll do this at home as well, but with other doorknobs, the rug, a single playing card. she'll be unaware that anyone else is baileyland. while she stares, she is also stimming.....flapping her arms or touching her fingers together repetitively or shaking her head or doing this crazy lip thing she does. anyway, thought i'd share yet another baileyism with all of you.