Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We've had revival services this week. Notice the wording 'revival services', not 'revival'. Why, because no one can make you have 'revival'. Revival is a personal matter and begins in the heart of a person. One person could have revival or the whole church could have revival. Our prayer was that these special services would be a way for the Lord to really speak to hearts and change hearts.
I have mentioned before that Dr. Jerry Siler of Cornerstone Baptist Temple in Dayton, OH was preaching. I have really enjoyed his preaching this week. He has such a passion for souls. His tears are real; you can see the power of God all over him. Although I have appreciated all of his preaching, to me, what really makes a good preacher/pastor is who he is when not behind the pulpit. And believe me, he is truly a man of God. He took the time to learn my children's names and show them attention, always calling each by name and spending a few moments with each. Moms notice things like that. He was sure to converse with everyone at church. I admire a man of God who is just as full of the Spirit in day to day life as he is in the pulpit.