Monday, March 23, 2009

Brody's prayer

another blog friend of mine was sharing a prayer made by her little girl. so i thought i would also share the things our son prays for. we always have family devotion at 6PM. we share a Bible story and then do sword drills, maybe sing a little then each family member prays. brody always wants to go first. here's a sample of a brody prayer, "Dear Lord, please help all the people to be saved; and help me to do right things, Lord; and help us to brush our teeth; and help bailey to walk better and grow; and help shelby to grow and do the right things, Lord; and...and...and...just save us Lord" Well, it's the sweetest thing to hear, but if you know brody, then you know that all of this prayer is very animated and he puts real feeling into it. the rest of us are sitting there with bowed heads and we are giving it all we have not to laugh. he's only four, but he always makes sure to pray for the same 3 teenagers each night. i don't know why he has chosen these 3 to take on; but every night he calls them out by name and prays specifically for them. oh how that blesses my soul.....and also convicts it. i begin to think of how often i do not call certain ones out by name. what a shame. i sure do learn a lot of lessons from my children.