Friday, April 23, 2010

the days that i begin my day in prayer and Bible study are the very best days ever....even if satan throws everything he has at me.  i try so hard to do this every day.  most days are a success, but there are days that i neglect one or the other or even both.  those days are the worst.  my attitude depicts my aptitude for the day.

i am glad the Lord is still gracious to me on those days and through a constant pull of the Holy Spirit, i repent and get straight into the Word and have sweet fellowship with Him.  there is such a peace that comes when i am in fellowship with my Savior.

anyway, i just wanted to share that with everyone.  nothing new, nothing superb, nothing brilliant....just so thankful for my relationship with the Father and so glad to serve Him each and every day.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What happens when you are at a wedding and its been a long day and you have the beginnings of strep throat and your nagging 5 year old wont stop begging to take pictures with your camera?  This right here:


Monday, April 19, 2010

all i can say is, thank you Lord for wonderful inlaws!  my mom and dad inlaw were in for garys wedding.  they are always such a blessing to us anyway, but particularly this time.....because i got sick....with strep throat!  and of course it was on a weekend, which is the busiest time of the week for us, particularly michael.

so if you are reading this nana and peepaw....thanks a million for cleaning house, giving baths, feeding kids,  and everything else you did for me while i was in the bed!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wedding Day

Well today I gained another sister-in-law!  Michael's brother, Gary, married a sweet young lady from our church, Meghann Shaw.  The wedding was wonderful and she looked so pretty and happy.  We are very proud of them both.

Gary has traveled a rough and long road in life, but he is back in the will of God and serving Him with his whole heart.

Meghann is a lady who loves the Lord and will make a wonderful wife.

Friday, April 9, 2010

i love being married to michael don wiggins.  i love everything about it!  i love that i still get butterflies in my stomach when i see him walk into the room.  i still get all giggly inside when he holds my hand.  i still bubble up inside when he tells me that he loves me.  i am still taken back when he looks me in the eyes and we are only inches apart.  

i love that we are more than husband and wife...we are very best friends.  we talk, not just small talk, but real life discussions, prayer concerns, burdens, jokes, needs, desires, problems, everything.  i am so glad that i have a husband who is more than willing to pray with me and for me.

i am so thankful that God is always our focus and that every aspect of our relationship always centers around it a perfect marriage?  absolutely not.  we fuss, we miscommunicate at times, but at the end of the day, we repent and ask forgiveness of one another and viola! back to where we started.....being co-laborers for the cause of Christ.

i love the fact that we finish each others sentences or say the same thing at the exact same moment!  i love that we share many interests and that we also enjoy individual  interests.  im glad that we still 'date' and that we love spending time with one another.  

im glad that we never raise our voices to one another and that we laugh like best friends at a sleep over.  im proud of the man he has become and i am thankful to God for molding him each day.  im glad He counted us faithful...calling us into the ministry.  i enjoy getting super sweet hugs in the morning and pats on the back as i drift off to sleep at times.

i love going fishing with him and riding along in the boat.  i love our version of tennis and watching him wrestle with our children each nite in the floor. i love that he spends time individually with our children and enjoys their company.  i love that he sees the need for 'mommy time' and sees to it that i get that.   i love to hear him preach, knowing how much time he has invested in prayer and study.  i love to hear him melts my heart every time.  i love to hear him play the piano and guitar, singing to bailey all of her favorites.  i love that he is always whistling, everywhere he goes.  
im so glad God blessed me with him.  he really is the world to me.  im glad God called me to be a for him.  im so glad He showed me mercy and grace before i was saved.  i know that God was terribly longsuffering toward me until He gave me michael.  i do not take this man for granted.  i do not take lightly his love for me and our children.

anyway, i wanted to share one may care except me.  but i do honor my husband and will brag on Christ for working through michael.  Thank You again Lord!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sometimes in the chrisitian life, or at least in mine, satan can be hard at work rite under our noses and we are so carnal that we dont even realize whats goin on.  we become backslidden and cold and we ALLOW satan to control our everyday dealings.  we become quite comfortable letting him row our boats while Jesus stands on the shore...left behind...because we were so sure we could do it better ourselves.

the christian takes advantage of Gods grace, mercy and forgiveness.  Although I know that 1 John 1:9 is so very true....i could certainly understand if God were to just give up on us all at times.

i know that i fail Him in some sort of way each day.  i dont mean to, i dont plan to, i dont start my day intending to....but thats exactly what happens.  a thot of bitterness or an attitude of self righteousness and weve opened the door to allow satan on in.  im not saying 'the devil made me do it.'  i dont believe that at all.  we give him way too much credit.  the bible says we sin when we are drawn away of our OWN lusts.

pretty soon the snowball effect takes place and weve gotten ourselves into quite a mess. 

Lord, help me not to 'do it on my own'.  Help me to trust You for each step taken, each thot that enters my mind, every image i allow my eyes to see, every word my mouth utters, every sound taken in by my ears, and everything i put  my hand to do.