Saturday, December 26, 2009

Story of the day....u ready for this?

we get up and get dressed. i put on baileys shirt and skirt. then later her socks and shoes. we went to eat and then to walmart. the whole time she was a little fussy....nothing out of the ordinary with bailey. then we come home for a few minutes and decide to go play tennis...which is in itself quite a story!....she began to get super fussy. like screaming and scratching...snot slingin everywhere. again, she can throw some fits, so we just distanced ourselves from her and let her wail it out. we get home and she is getting worse. her videos arent helping, holding her doesnt help, even food doesnt help. michael suggests we do a 'body search', but never did. later, i decide to take her shoes off cuz she was actin like her feet were hurting. Ah Ha, you wont believe this....a rubber bouncy ball comes rolling out of her shoe! i felt so horrible. how could i have missed this?!

poor thing. it just made me realize anew how much she depends on us. she is 'non verbal', she cant tell us what is going on with her. we never know if she has a headache, a toothache, an itch somewhere...anything. it is our job to be on top of everything, to know exactly what she needs when she needs it. my poor little girl was in pain for hours and had no way of letting us know! i remembered again how helpless she truly is withhout us!

after we got it out of her shoe her demeanor immediately changed. she was sweet and playful again! anyway, thought id share our adventure of the day!

btw- made some awesome shrimp & chicken gumbo today! mmmmm!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i am so thankful for all of the special people in my life. i have so many friends who are near and dear to me. but there are certain ones that the Lord places directly into our lives for a purpose! i have one of these kinds of friends! she was brought into my life and it seemed as tho i had known her forever and ever! like we had grown up in the same house and knew everythink about one another. we just immediately clicked. whats better is that we rnt just good friends, she lifts me up spiritually. its not just all about chit chatting and jokin; we talk about our faith and the Word of God and discuss questions we have about the Bible and our Christian walk. we pray together and share victories with one another. she understands me so well and knows when i need a little encouragement without me even saying a thing!

i just want to take a moment to thank her so much for being an uplifting person, for caring and loving me, for taking time to pray for me, for giving it to me straight when she needs to, for backing off when needed, for sharing humor on a daily basis...the list goes on and on. she really means the world to me and i never want to take her for granted!

so, before i write a novel, i will end by just saying a sincere thank you! I thank God every day for having such a wonderful person in my life!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

i totally pride myself on this fact, 'i never get sick'. its for real. i never get a cold, flu, anything! and im a mom and everyone knows that even if a mom gets sick, the house still has to be run! nothing really ever gets me down....except a headache. michael lives with headaches all the time and just keeps, no sir, if i get a headache im down for the count. well, i had a huge one today! i woke up and got bailey & brody dressed for school and then crawled in the bed beside michael and told him that i just couldn't make it today. i canceled ladies visitation...thats when you know its serious! and i didnt text all that is super serious business! i stayed in bed ALL DAY. no, really, all day. and whats worse is that i slept for 95% of that time. my head just felt like it would explode at any given time. i got very nauseous and that wonderful super sonic breakfast burrito i ate came right back up! michael took such good care of me. he brought me some hot apple cider which was so warm and good! he got me some dayquil and cough drops. he went and got the kids from school and took care of them. he cooked supper, too. anyway, as of right now (8:35pm) i feel some better. my head is still hurting but its much better!
just thought id share!!!!!

i totally forgot to mention that my hubby and daughter both had birthdays recently. michael turned 33 november 29th and shelby grace turned the big 11 december 8th! just counting my blessings to have them both here with me. i love them so very much. both of them are such a help to me and have such sweet spirits!

Monday, December 14, 2009

so i have so terribly neglected my blogging obligations lately. i always have very good intentions of blogging, but everything else always gets in the way. so, lets see, what's been goin on in the wiggins household?
my inlaws came in for thanksgiving. really enjoyed having them here. we did an early christmas with them cuz we wont see them for christmas. michael was able to take peepaw hunting.
then the week after they left, i got a super big surprise:
i talk to my mom everyday, sometimes more than once a day. this particular day she said that she was in pcola doin some window shoppin. i talked to her seveal times that day. later that day i took brody to ball practice. when i got home around 730 michael tells me to call my mom. this was weird cuz why would she have called michael and not me? so i call her back. no answer. but i am hearing some strange music coming from inside the house somewhere. what is that noise? then michael tells me to go to baileys room and see what shes doing. so i open the door and there sits my mom and good friend michelle! she had totally surprised me by driving all the way from florida to my house! great! what a blessing. it was so wonderful to have her here with me for a week. we also had early christmas with her.
also, we experienced some plumbing issues that week, so for about 4 days we were washing dishes in the bathtub....not fun at all. chunky is not cut out for all that!
lets see, what else? mama got me and shelby a membership to curves. we started about a month ago. i have lost a little over 5 inches. i had lost 12 pounds, then thanksgiving came around. i gained 6 back, so i am at a loss of 6 pounds so far.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The last three words i said last nite was I LOVE YOU. the last fours words i heard last nite were I LOVE YOU TOO. as i laid there trying to go to sleep i thought back to the 1st time i ever heard michael say those words to me. i remember it well! that's rite, i take pride in remembering all of those little 'anniversaries'.

three weeks into 'dating', michael told me that he loved me. i was taken by surprise with this announcement. i was only 16 and he 17. i told him he didn't know what he was talking about and that there was no way he could already love me. but that didn't even bother him. he didnt miss a beat, just continued to inform me that he knew that he loved me and that one day would be married. he was so confident in that.

anyway, although i know those words meant a lot then, i dont think either of us knew what love REALLY meant or was at that time. love is so much more than those tingly feelings and sweaty palms. its more than spending every moment together and playing footsies! (although i am a fan of all those things!) love is an action. love is committment. love is communication. love is merciful. love forgives. love looks over those little flaws. love is when we can sit together in silence and say more than we ever could with words. love is knowing that we are together forever no matter what.

today, 15 years later, i love michael don wiggins with my whole heart. i love him on a level i never knew existed!

just thought i'd share!!!!