Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So, Bailey is 7 and we are working on potty training. easier said than done. she does well as long as we take her about once an hour. i'll tell you what, we're going through way too many pull ups. Anyway, i put her in the tub last night....being sure to put her on the pot first. she just sits there with her big cheesy grin and does.....nothing. no poop or pee. so i feel confident that i can put her into the tub. so i fill it with lots of water and bubbles.
shelby passes by and says, i'll get in with her to keep her happy. so shelby gets in and they play for a bit. so i leave and go do some laundry. then i hear the infamous words, "Mama, bailey pooped in the tub!" Shelby goes running from that bathroom to ours and jumps in the shower.....groaning and moaning about being pooped on.
i walk into the bathroom and there sits bailey in the tub surrounded by 'floaters'....ok, i won't go into all know the scene. this was cuter when she was an infant, but when you're dealing with a 7 year old autistic child who is a little chunky, it's not so cute any more.
you know, the words, "stand up" "sit down" "bend over" "lift your leg" etc. are to no effect with her. by the time i finish cleaning her and the tub, i am soaking wet, with more soap and bubbles on me than on her or the tub.
so i thought i'd share another adventure in bailey land with all of you. have a great day!


Tammy said...

We've all been through it... we just generally get to move on sooner than you do. Bless your Mama heart! I love ya, Donya!