Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Successful Trip to the Hospital

OK, so we went to the hospital for Bailey to spend the morning in day surgery for an MRI. Background....a couple of weeks ago we took her for an MRI but was unable to get it done b/c she wouldn't go to sleep with oral medications. We tried to tell them that she doesn't go to sleep very easily, but what do we know? who do we think we are......her parents?!
So, we've been up since about 4:15 this morning. I still get so cracked up watching other people try to interact with Baily as if she's normal....even those who are suppose to be professionals and know all about her condition. In comes some young apprentice girl with a bag of 'tricks'. She wants to familiarize Bailey with whats going to be happening to her.
"Hi Bailey. Let's look at this mask. You'll have one just like it that will give you the sleepy medicine. Do you want to hold it?" Bailey grabs it and throws it down. "Maybe we can look at these pictures of other kids who have had the same procedure. See, he has his mom with him, too!" As this girl is steadfast in trying to show Bailey the pictures, Bailey is flipping all the pages and then grabs the book and guess what....throws it down. "Okay then, look at this baby doll. She has some tape on her arm. You will, too" And then there goes the baby doll onto the floor. This girl shows signs of fatigue and is on the line of polite frustration. Like a warrior, she continues handing things to Bailey and Bailey keeps throwing them down. I just sit back, say nothing and watch the show.
Anyway, everything went fine and we'll know results in a few days.