Friday, January 16, 2009

Shelby Grace Dianne Bertha Martha.... REPRINT from May 13, 2008

I am sitting here looking at old photos, maybe 3 years worth. I found this cutie pic of Shelby Grace. She must have been 5 yo at the time. Anyway, I got to thinking about how special this kid is. her first three years were all about her...then came Bailey. her world changed drastically. All eyes were no longer focused on her, time had to be shared and attention went in a different direction.
With all of the drama that came about with Bailey, Shelby had to grow up fast. She had to assume responsibility that most young adults don't even have. She became a second mother and also took second place. Without Shelby, we would be lost. She can take care of herself, Bailey & Brody.
Even to this day, if we are out and about in town, Bailey is the first one everyone notices. She's showered with, "Oh, she's so beautiful" "What gorgeous hair" "She's just precious" and on and on. While Shelby silently watches along side, never having a word spoken to her. Bailey is always the first to get hugs, a smile, attention from strangers, compliments...the one everyone wants. And like a gracious little lady, Shelby steps aside to let her little sister have the lime light. You know, as long as I can remember, Shelby has never once complained about Bailey getting more attention than she. She is very mature for her age, always has been.
I can only believe that the Lord will greatly use Shelby and her experiences to glorify Himself through her life. Of course we don't and shouldn't require men's applause, but I do think that she deserves a little recognition for her attempt at motherhood starting at age 3! I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for her!


Elizabeth said...

My favorite Shelby memory:

We're all cleaning up in the church after VBS. Some how I end up in the nursery. (I think it was because Lydia was a tiny baby and needed to be nursed). So, 10,000 kids are in the nursery and they are rowdy. It's late and been a long week. Well, as they get more and more out of hand, John ends up throwing a block and conks Shelby right in the eye. Shelby is screaming her head off and I'm thinking, "Okay, is this for real or is she being a drama queen." I'm thinking she's being a drama queen and offer only enough sympathy to be polite.

Anyway, she comes to church the next day and has either this huge goose-egg or a black eye, I can't remember. God bless her I was so unsympathetic and she was really hurt that time! She took it like a trooper though. She's a sweet girl.

I'm looking for your Brody post next!