Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"....I'll never live in Texas again"

Never say never. Michael and I have lived in Texas once before from 1997 - 2000. We were there for seminary. We loved the people, but hated being away from home (Florida). We were in Ft. Worth and hated the chaos of the city. (We're just country folk) So, we have always said that we never left anything in Texas....in other words, we didn't plan to go back. Maybe to visit but certainly not to stay.

While an evangelist, Michael had gone out to Burnet, TX to sing for a revival. A couple of months later we get a call to fill the pulpit while that same church looked for a pastor. It was a hard decision for us. We didn't know what to do. The Lord had been slowing closing the door in evangelism, but we were unsure of what He was doing in our lives. Michael accept the 'temporary' call to fill the pulpit, but I was quick to say, "We'll stay long enough to get them back on their feet, then we're headed back to Georgia!"

On scene, we find a congregation of people who made us feel at home. It was easy stepping into the position, yet we were hesitant. It was as if we had known these people all of our lives. Loving them came easy. Michael began to just show the people love and compassion and before you know it, they had become 'our flock'. We surely didn't mean for this to happen, but the Lord did. yet we kept these feelings to ourselves. We continued to have in candidate preachers and were encouraging the church in finding a pastor quickly yet prayerfully. But with every candidate, there was something inside (yes, the Holy Spirit) saying, "This is where you need to be." Many of the people had already shown their interest for us to stay and for Michael to take the position as pastor. After 2 months, we finally said yes to the Lord and put our name in for the position as pastor. Needless to say, we were voted in unanimously.

So, we have moved back to Texas, purchased our first home and are continuing in the Lord's work at Victory Baptist Church. I couldn't be happier.


Elizabeth said...

...but we hated being away from home.

And "home" hates you being away. But I wouldn't want y'all to be here out of God's will. We've always wished you all the best not matter what God has had for you at the time. But couldn't help but be a little selfish and hoped God's will was for y'all to stay! hehehe

Hope that doesn't sound too corny. You know I can be the corny sort.

Tammy said...

I was not born in TX, but my family moved there when I was only two. (My birthplace is Baton Rouge.) I really love TX, from the dry dusty west to the piney woods of the east. Love it.