Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pukin' Peaches

"Umm, Mama, Bailey's throwing up!" ---Reprint May 4, 2008
You know it’s gonna be one of those days when she wakes up but never really ‘wakes’ up. She’s laying around, falling back to sleep wherever she’s laying, whether it’s on the floor, leaning on the arm of the couch, in the hallway...literally, wherever. Something’s just not right today. And you know it’s coming, not when, but you do know that it will come. The puking, splotchy skin, the jerking, the smacking lips.
So, we proceed to get ready for church....and she’s not a happy camper. Three of the youth girls stayed the night with me and we’re all running around getting dressed. Kelly has the job of bathing Bailey and washing her hair. It’s sounds like a cat fight outside that bathroom door! She’s smacking her lips like she could hurl at any moment. I tell the girls as we’re leaving, “let’s bring a towel, Bailey will probably throw up and begin seizing soon”.
So here we go down the road, cramped up in the mini van. Half way there, the second mama, Shelby, announces, “Mama, Bailey’s throwing up!” “Quick, get the towel!!” Brittany leans up with the towel and holds it under her mouth. (Anyone who spends time with us has to be ready to take the ‘mommy’ role at any moment if Bailey is around) The youth are a little grossed out....while me, Shelby & Brody are in complete control and not stressed out a bit. How Funny!
Bailey stays with me during Sunday School, waiting until just before closing prayer to puke again, with a roar of “EEWW!” from the teenagers. I sit in the back row with her during the main worship hour. Lethargic, she mostly sleeps. On the way home, more puke. All over her, the car seat, floor, and whatever was lying in the floor. (I have found that a good 80% of my time is spent cleaning puke, pee & poo from Bailey)
All afternoon she sleeps, all splotchy, seizing here and there, no drinking or eating. Around 6:30 she wants some peaches that the others are eating. Since she’s slept most of the day and seems to be in better spirits, I give her a few bites. (Remember, she’s not puking b/c of a virus or b/c she’s sick, it comes with the seizures) Around 10 PM, it’s just me and her awake. She’s sitting beside me on the couch, without warning, peachy puke comes out like she’s Linda Blair or something! Needless to say, I spent a good 30 minutes cleaning up regurgitated peaches....Yummy! I hope I’m grossing no one out, these things are so common in our house! Don’t worry, she’s fine now. These things only last a day....she was fine the next morning.


Elizabeth said...

God bless her. I had thought that Bailey's seizures had gotten pretty much under control. That's what I get for not asking.

I can just imagine if I had my youth girls with me and one of mine started chucking. I don't know which would be worse ... the kid or the teenagers!