Monday, February 15, 2010

we had a wonderful service yesterday at church.  we had one of michael's fave preachers in....bro jonathon stewart.  he is the assistant pastor at victory baptist in wetherford tx.  he was one of our professors in seminary.  it was such a blessing to hear him preach last nite.  there are those preachers who bring the Bible to life.  he is one of those men.  he preaches with a sparkle in his eye, like it's his first time to tell the story.  he gives vivid detail describing each feel as if you are in the Bible story. 

i am partial, but i feel is one of the most knowledgable men of the Word.  i really did enjoy having him and his dear wife, lara, in our services.

i am happy today.  i have my parents here with me.  we are gonna have a family day, maybe go bowling.  valentines day was great.  michael sent me flowers.  now, im not a big flower gal, but thats ok.  it showed that he cared enough to think of me and gave me a super sweet card with it.  i love him so much and am so thankful for a godly husband.  he means the world to me!

i have two special unspoken prayer requests for those of you who would pray.  i have two serious burdens on my heart right now.  i know that God is in control.  but having a band of prayer warriors never hurts!

so today, i love the Lord...i am thankful for His mercy, His abundant grace, and His unconditional love to me!   i am thankful for another day to try to serve Him with pure motive.  i am thankful for the faithful members of victory baptist church; for a church who loves their pastor and his family; for a church that loves to serve and give.  i truly am blessed!