Sunday, February 21, 2010

so i commented earlier about the kiddos in my ss class.....well tonight our song leader taught the church a little chorus and it happened to be one of the ones that the kiddos sing.  as he was teaching everyone, all i could hear was their voices, they were singing it so loud and it was precious.

i'll say yes, Lord, yes to Your will and to Your way
i'll say yes, Lord, yes. I will trust You and obey
when Your Spirit speaks to me
with my whole heart i'll agree
and my answer will be yes, Lord, yes.

well, over everyone else, all i could hear were the kids.  my heart was broken.  as i heard them singing, i realized how far i was from that...that's right, the preacher's wife!  trusting Christ can be so difficult at times.  i try to fix things myself, which always fails.  and when the Spirit speaks to me, i do not always yield.  my heart melted and conviction set in.  i made my way straight to the altar.  i had to repent. 

im not the emotional type, so if i ever get a bit upset about one thing...all of the other burdens seem to creep up on me too.  and that's what happened.  i began to think of people who i have a strong burden for.  i began to realize that i'm harboring some bitterness towards certain people/things.  i thought of how self righteous i can be.  all i could do was cry.  couldn't even pray.  i am so thankful that the Holy Spirit intercedes for me during these times.

it felt good to be convicted.  i know, that sounds strange, but it reminds me that i have a heavenly Father who loves me enough to chasten me!