Sunday, February 21, 2010

really enjoyed church this morning.  i teach the toddler class, 2-4 year olds.  they are such a hoot.  each one of them is special and important to God and to me.  i have several who come in every Sunday with a song in their heart....literally.  one girl comes in and i know that she has been listening to good gospel music.  she immediately begins singing the little kid bible songs....loud and proud, may i add!  the others in her family join in and pretty soon there's a choir of little singers, "Jesus loves me", "Zaccheus", "Obedience", etc.  then i have another little girl who hums the entire sunday school hour.  she isn't disruptive at all, just an almost silent hum of hymns and bible songs.  what joy fills my heart to hear all of that.  i have a few bus kids in there, too, who i hope someday will have these same songs in their hearts.

if only the adults were the same way.  but instead, i believe the adults bring to church with them the weight of sin from the past week, the burdens of life, and much doubt.  adults can be so apethetic.  how sad.  we began revival today.  i know that no man can bring revival.  revival is a state in each believer's heart.  but i sure do hope that this week God gets a hold on to my heart and 'set my soul afire'.