Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i am so blessed.  God really has been so very good to me.  I certainly do not deserve all of His daily benefits.  I am so unworthy of all of the mercy that has been shown to me.  But i am also very grateful for it!  I desire to be a servant for Him....sometimes that is so hard.  sometimes we serve so much that we forget why we are serving or what is motivating us...or me, i should say!  i just want to focus on Him, and to remember that every thing i do.....parenting, wifing (is that a word?  i dont think so!), being an example, witnessing, teaching sunday school, filling in when someone is out, weekly visitation, sending cards, secretarial work, being a good friend, teaching kids on wednesday nights, working in because of Him and for Him.  And that the end result is to see lost people saved and saved people growing!  i have to remind myself of that every day.  I have to remember that each person matters and that im not the only one with problems, burdens, and struggles.

ok, confession time is over!  just took brody to school....after he had his cup of joe and cereal!  how funny....first thing he asks for is coffee!  bailey was up and ready in a jiffy this morning!  woohoo!  she went potty and gave me little trouble with her hair! VICTORY!  day starting off well.  looking forward to services tonight.  i am doing a childrens class on wednesday nights and im super excited about it!