Sunday, January 17, 2010

i love sundays.  no really....where most people look at sundays as the end of a weekend,  i look at it as the beginning of a new week with the Lord.  i enjoy being in the house of God and with His people.  i enjoy teaching the  2 & 3 year olds.  i like going around and shaking everyone's hand.  i love singing hte old humns & hearing the King James Version of the Bible being preached.  sundays are just wonderful.  it charges me up for the upcoming week, gets me ready to go another mile for the Lord, arms me with strength!  just love it.

today i was also given the opportunity to teach childrens church.  it was so good.  we are beginning a puppet ministry, so i incorporated the puppets today.  this kids thought this was just wonderful....although the 'evil hand' puppet scared one of the little boys pretty bad.  the kids are always super hyper but also very eager to learn.

as i write (or type, rather) shelby is sitting on the love seat with bailey, who seems to be experiencing some seizure activity today.  i kinda noticed that she seemed a little out of sorts in childrens church, but then she was fine.  we got home and she was her normal self while we cooked.  i sat down to feed her and she took a couple of bites.  then i noticed that she just kept chewing...and chewing....and chewing....and chewing.  not normal.  "bailey....bailey"  she wouldn't look at me, just staring off into space.  Hmmm, let's just go ahead and take all your clothes off so that you dont throw up on them. (which is always what she does when she seizes)  just as i expected, splotches all over her arms, chest and stomach.  her face was even splotchy.  so i get a towel under her and lay her down.  within a few minutes here it comes, puke everywhere.  so off to the shower we go.  she is lethargic, just wanting to lay down, shivering, not responding to things we say to her.  i get her cleaned up and we settle her back down, this time with big sister.....who after 8 years has become the 'mommy' when bailey is sick.  then, more puke....the second one is always different, foamy and frothy.  (tmi?!)  so now she is resting, sleeping on shelby.  you know shes ill when she just sleeps and nothing wakes her.  thats serious business!  shelby hates to see bailey like that.  she gets so worried.  bailey is just sitting there sleeping and shivering all over. 

so, i guess i may be sitting out services tonight.  i hope not, though, because we are having a going away fellowship for michael's brother, gary.  we will see.  sometimes these things come and go within a few hours, other times they last all day.  say a little prayer if you will for little bailey dyan!