Friday, January 15, 2010

hi there all followers!  i am so excited about bailey's new blog.  i am trying to just post one thing a day.  and im really hoping that my memory will serve me well!  hehehe.  i am enjoying this walk down memory lane, but i can already tell that i will at some point get all emotional bout it! ha!  for those of you who know me, im not one of those 'show my emotions' 'cry in public' type people....idk why, just not.

things at the homefront are going well.  the kids are all doing well in school.  we have had michael's brother, gary, living with us since october.  he has recently accepted a position in missouri at new beginnings girls/boys academy.  we will be taking him up there next week.  he is super excited to get busy doing the work of the Lord and using his life to honor Him.

i am beginning a puppet ministry on wednesday nights.  im so excited about this.  the kids really like puppets and it really holds their attention.

anyhoo, not much else to update on.  i am reading thru my Bible this year in chronological order.  kinda neat to do it that way.  i am listening to one of those men with that calming english accent read it to me while i follow along.  love it!  i think it sinks in better that way.


Lori said...

Who are you listening to for the Bible reading?

I read somewhere about a chronological Bible, so that is on my list.

I broke down and bought a One Year Bible and love it! I wish now that I would have bought it sooner.

dottywotty said...

i am using

i like it a lot!