Saturday, December 26, 2009

Story of the day....u ready for this?

we get up and get dressed. i put on baileys shirt and skirt. then later her socks and shoes. we went to eat and then to walmart. the whole time she was a little fussy....nothing out of the ordinary with bailey. then we come home for a few minutes and decide to go play tennis...which is in itself quite a story!....she began to get super fussy. like screaming and scratching...snot slingin everywhere. again, she can throw some fits, so we just distanced ourselves from her and let her wail it out. we get home and she is getting worse. her videos arent helping, holding her doesnt help, even food doesnt help. michael suggests we do a 'body search', but never did. later, i decide to take her shoes off cuz she was actin like her feet were hurting. Ah Ha, you wont believe this....a rubber bouncy ball comes rolling out of her shoe! i felt so horrible. how could i have missed this?!

poor thing. it just made me realize anew how much she depends on us. she is 'non verbal', she cant tell us what is going on with her. we never know if she has a headache, a toothache, an itch somewhere...anything. it is our job to be on top of everything, to know exactly what she needs when she needs it. my poor little girl was in pain for hours and had no way of letting us know! i remembered again how helpless she truly is withhout us!

after we got it out of her shoe her demeanor immediately changed. she was sweet and playful again! anyway, thought id share our adventure of the day!

btw- made some awesome shrimp & chicken gumbo today! mmmmm!!!


Amber said...

poor thing....I did the same thing to Olivia, only I left tissue paper in her shoe. She did the same as Bailey and poof was back to normal as soon as I took it out! Ahhhh...the life of a special needs mom!!

We should collaborate and write a least we would get a few laughs out of it.

amber bush