Sunday, December 13, 2009

The last three words i said last nite was I LOVE YOU. the last fours words i heard last nite were I LOVE YOU TOO. as i laid there trying to go to sleep i thought back to the 1st time i ever heard michael say those words to me. i remember it well! that's rite, i take pride in remembering all of those little 'anniversaries'.

three weeks into 'dating', michael told me that he loved me. i was taken by surprise with this announcement. i was only 16 and he 17. i told him he didn't know what he was talking about and that there was no way he could already love me. but that didn't even bother him. he didnt miss a beat, just continued to inform me that he knew that he loved me and that one day would be married. he was so confident in that.

anyway, although i know those words meant a lot then, i dont think either of us knew what love REALLY meant or was at that time. love is so much more than those tingly feelings and sweaty palms. its more than spending every moment together and playing footsies! (although i am a fan of all those things!) love is an action. love is committment. love is communication. love is merciful. love forgives. love looks over those little flaws. love is when we can sit together in silence and say more than we ever could with words. love is knowing that we are together forever no matter what.

today, 15 years later, i love michael don wiggins with my whole heart. i love him on a level i never knew existed!

just thought i'd share!!!!


Tammy said...

Sweet post, Donya! I remember when Daniel first said he loved me, and I didn't believe him, either. He almost chased me off, lol!

I like your description of love. How it does grow over the years. :o)

Tori said...

Oh wow, congratulations on 15 years. I remember, that's a big one. I'm thinking diamonds! :0) just kidding.
Isn't God good to give us just who and what we need. It's also amazing the capability He has given us to love.

nuff rambling...Happy anniversary!!

btw, do you know that your church supports us?