Monday, December 14, 2009

so i have so terribly neglected my blogging obligations lately. i always have very good intentions of blogging, but everything else always gets in the way. so, lets see, what's been goin on in the wiggins household?
my inlaws came in for thanksgiving. really enjoyed having them here. we did an early christmas with them cuz we wont see them for christmas. michael was able to take peepaw hunting.
then the week after they left, i got a super big surprise:
i talk to my mom everyday, sometimes more than once a day. this particular day she said that she was in pcola doin some window shoppin. i talked to her seveal times that day. later that day i took brody to ball practice. when i got home around 730 michael tells me to call my mom. this was weird cuz why would she have called michael and not me? so i call her back. no answer. but i am hearing some strange music coming from inside the house somewhere. what is that noise? then michael tells me to go to baileys room and see what shes doing. so i open the door and there sits my mom and good friend michelle! she had totally surprised me by driving all the way from florida to my house! great! what a blessing. it was so wonderful to have her here with me for a week. we also had early christmas with her.
also, we experienced some plumbing issues that week, so for about 4 days we were washing dishes in the bathtub....not fun at all. chunky is not cut out for all that!
lets see, what else? mama got me and shelby a membership to curves. we started about a month ago. i have lost a little over 5 inches. i had lost 12 pounds, then thanksgiving came around. i gained 6 back, so i am at a loss of 6 pounds so far.


Elizabeth said...

Your Mom is so great ... but then, so is Bro. Michael's mom! She (Mary) loves my Josiah to pieces. He gets all sorts of spoiling since he's the only baby in the nursery.

Congratulations on your loss! I would love to have a gym membership ... and someone to go with. Did you know that there is actually a gym in Jay now!?