Thursday, December 17, 2009

i totally pride myself on this fact, 'i never get sick'. its for real. i never get a cold, flu, anything! and im a mom and everyone knows that even if a mom gets sick, the house still has to be run! nothing really ever gets me down....except a headache. michael lives with headaches all the time and just keeps, no sir, if i get a headache im down for the count. well, i had a huge one today! i woke up and got bailey & brody dressed for school and then crawled in the bed beside michael and told him that i just couldn't make it today. i canceled ladies visitation...thats when you know its serious! and i didnt text all that is super serious business! i stayed in bed ALL DAY. no, really, all day. and whats worse is that i slept for 95% of that time. my head just felt like it would explode at any given time. i got very nauseous and that wonderful super sonic breakfast burrito i ate came right back up! michael took such good care of me. he brought me some hot apple cider which was so warm and good! he got me some dayquil and cough drops. he went and got the kids from school and took care of them. he cooked supper, too. anyway, as of right now (8:35pm) i feel some better. my head is still hurting but its much better!
just thought id share!!!!!