Thursday, June 18, 2009

hi there very sorry it's been so long since i've posted. it seems as tho there has been quite a bit going on around here. anyway, i'll try to catch ya up on everything over the next couple of days!

so last week we went on vacation. it was our first real family vacation. we went to branson, mo. michael's parents met us there and we spent the week spending money we didn't have! ha, that's the way it always goes, right?!

well, where to begin with the stories? i think i'll start here:
we always cringe at the thought of vacation because as most of you know, the hotter it gets, the more clothes that come off!!!! it seems as tho girls just walk around in panties and bras and the men go around shirtless. it's insane. shelby is 10 now and we have certain standards in our home. her wardrobe consists of dresses/skirts and culottes. she has always been very obedient and has a good attitude about it. we have explained to her why we do the things we do....which i think is something a lot of "independent fundamental baptist" parents have lacked doing...explaining. i think lots of times orders are barked and no reasoning is given. well, we have always told shelby why we wear the things we wear.

needless to say, although we have done this, there are times that shelby looks around and sees that she's different. ya know, it's hard sometimes being the only one doing something. and she is at the age that being different isn't always so much fun. you get funny looks and people ask questions and sometimes even treat you different. anyway, to our surprise, we were thrilled when we got to branson.

i think i saw more skirts and culottes than i ever have! we went to silver dollar city (an amusement park) there were females of all ages there looking modest and having the time of their lives. i was so happy because shelby was able to see that she is not the only one who has the same convictions as we. there are those out there who are likeminded in the wardrobe area. it was just a real blessing for her to see that you can look modest and still have a good time. seeing others made her feel not so alone and strange. she does look different all the time, but you know, she should.