Tuesday, May 19, 2009

well, we started out for texas (home) on monday night at 8PM. we were so ready to get home! but in the back of our minds was the fact that this week begins the IBFI fellowship meeting, which we have attended since 1997. we hated to miss, but since we had been gone from our own church for so long, we had decided not to attend this year. what a bummer. we always look forward to seeing our very best friends, mark and tracy, along with all of our other friends. plus michael is alumni president and this is the 25th anniversary for ibfi. anyway, we were torn, but knew we had to get home.

an hour and a half into the trip a decision was radically made, we would change courses and drive to fort worth, attend the alumni luncheon, attend graduation/preaching; then drive back to burnet...we must be insane with some of the things we do at times! but i am so glad we did it! i have been able to fellowship with great friends and enjoy their company! the kids got to see their favorite cousins.

we still have a long night ahead of us because it's still a 3.5 hour drive home tonight and we probably won't leave here until 11PM. boy, the price we pay for good food and fellowship! but it's once a year deal and i'm so glad we didn't have to miss it all. we won't be there for all of the fellowship meeting, but what we are here for is great!


Elizabeth said...

I didn't know the IBFI fellowship was now. Bro. Gene always loved going to that stuff, but I don't think Bro. Robert is too into it. To each is own, right. :-)

Miss y'all already.