Thursday, June 25, 2009

ladies conference

hi there all. i am in hot springs, arkansas for a ladies conference. what a blessing. 6 of our ladies, my mom, and friend went with me. we've had a great time. it's been nice to get away a couple of days. i have been praying bout this and asking the Lord to speak to me. And you know what? he has! (amazing how that happens ;)

so much good music and the speakers have been wonderful, godly, spirit filled women. i love how the Lord always has exactly what i need when i need it. it's as if they were given a specific list of things to talk about that would hit me!

i had lots to repent of...and feel so much better now. there's always room for improvement! i've asked Him for forgiveness, now i need to ask a few others for forgiveness! can't wait either.

anyway, thought i would share this with you all:
i am so thankful that my mommy came along with me. we are very close...always have been. more like sisters at times. we joke and carry on with one's so much fun havin her around.

i got to thinkin while on this trip....i have so many women who i look up and admire...but my mama is #1. if she were reading this she'd say, 'whatever' b/c i've never really told her that. but it is so true. there were many sessions today. one was on finances. the whole time i thought of how my mama has always handled finances so well. she has looked well to the matters of her home. she is efficient and frugal. she is wise with her spending, making sure the Lord is given their 1st fruits. then there was a session on submission to husbands. man, she is the best example of that i've ever seen. she has always submitted and honored my dad no matter what. she has shown me how to obey and love my husband through her example. no matter what, daddy was her (earthly) king. she shows him reverence and takes care of him. she is a help to him above measure. there was also talk about our mouths....yeah, that one hits us all. but i couldn't help but think of is how she never speaks harsh words. is she perfect, no. but it's amazing how sweet and kind she is.

i have never met anyone else like her. she never meets a stranger. upon first meeting, you become 'sweety' or 'honey' and 'baby'. she's just that way. she can make anyone feel special and worth something. she has a huge heart and is the most giving person ever. she does things for people she doesn't know or even has just met. if she sees a need, she wants to meet it....and without the applause of man. she's rather just sit quietly in the background and make sure everyone is taken care of. she genuinely wants people to be happy, even at her own expense.

she has (and still does) done things for me that i surely do not deserve. i am so unworthy of her love to me. but i am surely grateful. i am prould to call her my mom, my friend.

in fact, i can't even find the right words to describe her. all i know is that i pray to have just a fraction of her heart, her spirit, her generosity, her forgiveness, her compassion, her long suffering.