Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

well, happy father's day to all who are in my family. 1st i think of my hubby....not my daddy of course, but the father to my children. he's such a wonderful man. i am sure every woman says the same of her husband and father, but it's so true in my case. i am so blessed to have a preacher of the Gospel as my husband. he takes such good care of the children and i could not ask for any better.

my dad. where do i begin? i will say, (and i'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind) that he was not always a Christian man. and he did not always live a Christian life. but i also know that he loves me and my brother. his love for us has always been evident, no matter what. of all the hard working people in the world, my daddy is #1 in my book. he has worked years on power lines doing dangerous work in crazy weather at ridiculous hours. he has never had a 'past time', no hobbies or leisure time, no vacation time (& if he did take off, it was w/out pay). he is dependable, he is strong, he is a man of his word, he is a natural leader, he is a rock. and i will proudly say that i am an A Class daddy's girl. that's righte, i do not hesitate to say it. he is so precious to me. he's my daddy and i love him dearly.

also, my father in law. now although the odds are stacked against me (i am his in-law, and a step one at that) for 15 years he has treated me like i was his own daughter. there has never been a time that i haven't felt that he was just as close to me as a biological father. he took me in from day one and to this day treats me as his own. i am thankful that he has always gone over and above to be that father figure to me!