Sunday, September 27, 2009

so my dad says that i dont blog enough! well, just for him im bloggin today!!! so he'd better read this. today was the last day for him, my mom, michelle, and michael to be at church with us! boohoo! i shouldn't complain...i've had my mommy and daddy within a few hours of me for quite some time now. but that's just it, i've gotten used to seeing them a lot.

my daddy was so handsome today at church. i've always thought he was such a handsome man! my mama is a lucky lady. and he's lucky, too. my mama is the very best in the whole wide world!!!!!

we began mission conference today. what a blessing! bro ricky dunsford with the rock of ages prison ministry is the preacher for the conference. we've known bro ricky and mrs judy...well...i can't remember not ever knowing them! they are wonderful people. we also have two wonderful missionary families with us. the rackley family to madagascar and the mulkey family to the west indies. what a blessing it is to have missionaries in our services!

anyway, that's it for now. just a quick little update!


Elizabeth said...

Your dad is right. You don't blog enough!

As for him being handsome...well, he looks way too much like Marcus for me to comment there.

Bro. Ricky preached Wednesday night for us as part of our missions emphasis month. You know any time he preaches it's fantastic. Sort of like Bro. Michael!

Miss y'all. Maybe we'll get to visit Burnet one day! (not to be confused with Burnette

Jenifer Harrod said...

Mission conference is great! I'm looking forward wo what God is going to do!