Sunday, September 20, 2009

so brody had a football game saturday. we get up and start getting ready. we are racing around finding everything he needs: shoulder pads, helmet, cletes, jersey, pants....but where are the socks. we start looking EVERYWHERE for them. how hard can it be to lose bright green socks? immediately we begin to hound brody. you know the usual, "You should have never taken those socks" "why did you lose them" "you never take care of your thing" "if we cant find them, you will get a spanking" "you wont be able to play in the game if we cant find the socks"....on and on. he is arguing that it is not his fault. he begins to blame everyone else: me, chloe (the dog), shelby, name it!

so michael leaves to scour burnet for green socks...yeah, good luck with that! i jump in the shower and it dawns on me....check under my bed. that's where chloe takes all of her 'findings'. BINGO! that is where they are. the dog had taken them hostage! she is quite the smuggler. so all of that fussing with brody and he was right all the time!