Tuesday, September 22, 2009

so as most of you know, we are in the process of potty training bailey. things generally go fairly smooth if we remember to take her often. but believe me, there are accidents, big ones. ya know, 8 year old pee & poo is just not the same as infant/toddler pee & poo! ha

well, i got busy cooking last night and forgot about her being in big girl panties. shelby hollers, "i think bailey is poopy". i tell her to check. next thing i hear is a sound of disgust from shelby, "eewww! it's coming out the top of her panties. hurry mama!" so i immediately drop the pork chops and race bailey to the bathroom.

here we go. she can't stand alone on one leg, she has to have support. so saying, "step out" is out of the question. so i have this 80 pound 8 year old holding on to me (while she's trying to hold her cards, for those of you who know her) while i am trying to take down her shorts. accomplished. now i go for the shoes and socks! after what feels like hours of balancing acts with her and my hair being pulled, glasses being squished up against my face....accomplished. now for the real task, getting poopy panties off w/o any huge disaster!

easier said than done. i try to ease it off one leg at a time, then plunk! what looks like a huge cow patty drops onto the ceramic tile floor! here comes bailey's foot down...it's seemed like slow motion....right into the middle of it....sending her slipping onto the floor, poop flyin everywhere! of course all of this happened within a matter of like 90 seconds, but seemed like an eternity.

long story short, a bath was very much needed and so given. floors were cleaned and panties were trashed.....to tired to worry with cleaning them!

another day in the life of donya wiggins. how funny! btw- no, i did not have a bad attitude throughout any of it! it's life, people....only ours gets a little hairy at times!! :)


Tori said...

Hi Donya,
Glad I found your blog. Actually I found the link in an e-mail you sent to your missionaries, of which we are one!
Love the blog, and the poop story was way too funny! I have stories like that too but they are far gone now.
Anyhoo, I'm following you now, so I'll be back!