Monday, May 18, 2009

hi there all! have you ever had one of those days???? well, we've had one of those MONTHS! it seems like chaos at every turn! thanks to all who have prayed for michael's family. everyone is doing well and the funeral service was one of the best i've ever attended. there were more amens at the funeral than there usually are in a sunday service! how appropriate, though, when you attend the 'graduation' of a loved one.

looks like we're headed back home tonight. traveling in the night is much easier than in the day...especially with children. we will be tired, though. our days have been all messed up. we don't know which way is up and which way is down.

by the way, while i am thinking of it, i wanted to say thanks to all the ladies at fbbc for taking such good care of the family during both funerals. the food was wonderful and i do not take lightly all of your hard work in the kitchen. a special thanks to elizabeth for watching all the kiddos with her little pregnant self! she's great...thanks girlie! ;)

please pray for our pitiful little motorhome. sometimes in life a bad decision is made, in our case, this was it....although it did help out a missionary family. we paid $14,000 for it 2 years ago and it has never worked since the day we got it. we've put so much time and money into that thing. it just sits there rotting while we make monthly payments and still owe $9000 on it! hey, if anyone out there wants it for parts, please be my guest! we would love to sell it and at this point are willing to make any deal. it would be wonderful to be out from under this particular financial strain.

anyhoo, i miss my church family and can't wait until wednesday night to get to see everyone! i am terribly homesick.


Tammy said...

Glad you're headed home. Have a safe trip!


Elizabeth said...

I was supposed to be watch all those kids?

Seriously, the only one that I "watched" was Bailey. If there was a time that I didn't see red hair my heart skipped a beat and I'd say "Where's Bailey?" only to see her standing right beside me. hahaha