Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What A Man!

Just have to brag on my sweet hubby for a minute. Yesterday I woke with a horrible know the kind...that make you sick to your stomach. so i woke him to get bailey dressed for school b/c i felt so horrible. he then insisted that i stay home and rest; he would take care of school. of course i told him that i was fine and could go to school, but i declined after he said, "If you don't stay home i'm not talking to you the rest of the day!" how funny. we sounded like little kids bickering about this. so, i stayed home all day and finally got rid of the headache.
I know it sounds small, but just knowing that i didn't have to worry with any work at school for the whole day was such a blessing. I know that he had many other things that he could have been doing, but he put me first. i fail so often to recognize his love for me and the love that he SHOWS me. he's an awesome husband, father & pastor. thank God for such a man. i surely do not deserve to have married someone like him!


Elizabeth said...

I gotcha! That really was sweet of Bro. Michael. You said it sounds small, but when you feel terrible the small things seem so giant, whether they're good small things or bad small things.

Several weeks ago I had my first case of food poisoning. I have never felt so horrible. Jeremy took care of the kids all day. I could have really used 2 days, but since I had a good day of rest I was able to make it through the 2nd day.

Tammy said...

That is so sweet! :o)

Glad you got over your headache. That can be miserable.