Thursday, April 30, 2009

Decently and in Order

well, that is true for the house of God. exactly how things should be done....i just cannot say it is true of the wiggins household. decently, for the majority; but in order...never! we moved to the little town of burnet last may from a big city in columbus, ga. and we are busier now than ever before.
right when i think things are settling down, chaos comes in. it's not always bad chaos, either. actually, i think in thrive in chaos! seriously, i like it when there's always something going on. anyway, this past week has been a chaotic week, to say the least. but again, good chaotic. let's see, last sunday we had a wonderful missionary family. their van needed a brake job, so pastor (my husband) volunteered him and a church member to fix it for them!....between services on sunday. now those of you with a pastor husband know that sundays are crazy! but my husband felt to blessed just by being a blessing to this family. then we had another preacher friend come in on monday....his poor RV messed, of course, our church also volunteered to help him out!
needless to say, my husband is a very kind man and always wants to be a blessing if possible. that's what we're here for, right? to serve God thru serving others?! so we had that preacher, his wife, daughter, and son-in-law over for supper tuesday night. (insert: michael's grandmother has been hospitalized the day before, not doing well at all at the time...more pressure!) after supper he gets a call. his aunt has passed away. (daughter of the grandmother, sister to his mom) (insert...again...they all live in florida.....12 hours away!)
so, among all of this is daily life....i supervise at our church school; we withdrew bailey from school, so now she is with us all day at the church school (another story in itself), so that's a LOT of pressure during the day, michael has all the regular duties of the pastorate, and I have all the duties as church secretary! but i am thriving on all of this! :)
so the preacher friend preaches on wednesday night, a huge blessing! and we leave immediately after services and drive all the way to florida. yes, that means i had less than 24 hours to pack for 4 people (michael packs his own these days)!
so here i am in florida right now at my mother/father-in-law's home. thank God for them. even with all the stress of death in the family and sickness in the family, they are always willing to help out with the kids. (secretly, it was probably a stress reliever for nana to have her grandbabies here....that's the area where nana thrives!!!)
anyway, thought i'd share some of our circus events with all of you! and in all of it, God is Good All the Time!!! AMEN


Tammy said...

Busy, busy! But I know in the midst of it all, you see God's blessings. May He comfort your family during this time of loss.

dottywotty said...

You are so right my babies are one of the greatest things in my life. They help me to forget about myself and just love them. Thsnks for all your encourgement. Your rewards for all the things you do for Bailey and the other two kids, plus Michael will be great. Love Ya