Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sometimes in the chrisitian life, or at least in mine, satan can be hard at work rite under our noses and we are so carnal that we dont even realize whats goin on.  we become backslidden and cold and we ALLOW satan to control our everyday dealings.  we become quite comfortable letting him row our boats while Jesus stands on the shore...left behind...because we were so sure we could do it better ourselves.

the christian takes advantage of Gods grace, mercy and forgiveness.  Although I know that 1 John 1:9 is so very true....i could certainly understand if God were to just give up on us all at times.

i know that i fail Him in some sort of way each day.  i dont mean to, i dont plan to, i dont start my day intending to....but thats exactly what happens.  a thot of bitterness or an attitude of self righteousness and weve opened the door to allow satan on in.  im not saying 'the devil made me do it.'  i dont believe that at all.  we give him way too much credit.  the bible says we sin when we are drawn away of our OWN lusts.

pretty soon the snowball effect takes place and weve gotten ourselves into quite a mess. 

Lord, help me not to 'do it on my own'.  Help me to trust You for each step taken, each thot that enters my mind, every image i allow my eyes to see, every word my mouth utters, every sound taken in by my ears, and everything i put  my hand to do.