Saturday, October 10, 2009

story time everyone!

so, yesterday was a good catastrophies or uh-ohs....that is, until the early evening! brody and bailey come home from school, it had been rainy and cold. i take bailey to the pot and she goes pee and poo! woohoo! about 20 min later she walks up to me with that guilty look on her face....and i can smell the evidence rising from her panties! yep, she had pooped in her big girl panties. i will not go into detail describing that clean up, you can read my earlier post about that! ok, cleaned up and back to normal....or so i think! we had the back door open to let in some fresh air. shelby and brody are playing outside. shelby calls for me to hurry out there. i dont tho, b/c shelby always says to hurry even when its no big deal.

i look out the door and theres bailey, face first in a huge mud puddle! shes covered in mud from head to toe. so i go rescue her and strip her down at the back door. i give her a quick bath to clean things up....back to normal again...or so i think!

time passes.....shelby goes to the bathroom and bailey follows her in there. no big deal, she does that a thing i know, shelby is calling for me...again! "bailey peed!" so off i go again to clean up the mess. i put her back in the tub for another washing!

i put socks on her and then shes just got a pullup on. (after changing the 3 pairs of panties, i just give up and put a pullup on her!) daddy comes home and brought some drinks. 2 12 packs and a case of water. now its supper time. brody decides to push the case of water over so he can sit, not seeing the 2 12 packs on the other side and splash.....carbonated drink flies was all over all four dining room walls, on my new computer, on the table, countertops, chloes food/water bowls, and the floor!

in all the commotion, bailey has gone back outside, nearly naked and is walking in the mud again with her socks on!

during all of this, i had been trying to wash dishes, but the pipes kept leaking. daddy had already tried fixin em once...but now they were leaking again and now the water wouldnt drain. so now both sinks were full of nasty water (garbage disposal backed into sink, too) and i still have dirty dishes to wash and a sticky floor to mop.

mop is broken, must go to dollar store and get another! mop at 9PM after kids go to bed.

so, all of that to say this.....earlier, michael bought a magnetic dry erase board for the fridge and put a scripture of the week on it. what was the one he decides to start with? 1 thess. 5:18, in every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

how funny is that? he had written it on there earlier in the day. boy, did i need that scripture by 9PM last night!


Jenifer Harrod said...

Wow! That's a big, bad day. I feel for you. Some days are out of one catastrophe into another. What am I saying most days are that way. Keeping the right perspective is key. I have been preaching to myself about that kids are a blessing and not a curse that they are treasures and that Satan wants them to feel like trouble and burdens and curses and we cant let him win! Praise the Lord for kids and their issues. They are something and God is making them into diamonds someday! They are already jewels, just a little rough:)

Tesla Nichole said...

I just could not stop laughing! It must be lots of fun around your house! You're such a strong woman and being able to go throughout your day and just laugh it off... whew, I think I would have already lost my mind!