Thursday, August 20, 2009

i know, i's been a while. geez, it seems as tho there's always something to do and never enough time to blog! anyway, there's prolly a thousand stories to tell since my last entry, but i just can't think of em all.

i think i will just take time to praise God. He' been so good to me. I thank Him for my husband, my children, my family, my church, and for all the trials. Without the trials we would never grow. We would not mature.

undoubtedly, He felt that we (my husband & I) needed lots of maturing lately!! HA. One storm after another. but they were nothing He couldn't handle. and they did what they were designed to do, redirect all focus back on to Him. all that matters is serving Christ. everything else is vapor. everything else is selfishness. i am learning it the hard way.

with each trial comes a renewed faith in my Creator and with each storm a new peace to fill my soul. i also realize that if the devil isn't bothering you then you aren't doin something right. after all, why bother a Christian who isn't trying?

in the end, regardless of what happens: gossip, betrayal, sickness, heartache, or a thousand other things....Truth Stands. Period. when all is said and done, Truth (the Word of God) stands strong with its promises along side it. AMEN. what a blessing to know my God is in control!


Gail Moore said...

Hi! Hope things are better for you soon. Thanks for your post! May the Lord bless you and your family. It will be worth it all someday!

Elizabeth said...

Great post, Dotty. Thanks. Love and miss y'all and praying for you, Michael and the kids.