Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sleep depravation (sp?)

Oh my soul!!!! We must live on the busiest street in America. OK, I may be exaggerating, but it must be in the top ten! We live on the corner of a 4 way stop right in the middle of a huge neighborhood. It's the main strip. What were we thinking?
There is constant noise: diesel trucks everywhere, garbage trucks, fire trucks (with sirens), cop cars (also with sirens), ambulances (that's right...with sirens), and on and on.
What's the problem? Nothing if we didn't have an autistic child who already never sleeps. And once she does fall asleep, we walk on egg shells. (ok, not really. i mean how crazy would it be to have eggs all over the floor?! ha ha ha) Anyway, case in point, she goes to be without any problems last night (Praise the Lord) and 30 minutes later.....sirens and lots of them. Effect? Bailey begins screaming! Well, again, this is no normal child. You can't just say, "OK, honey, go back to bed, it's okay." Our only resolve is to shut her door all the way and let her cry it out! Or scream it out in her case. (we're horrible parents, I know....well, you're more than welcome to walk a day in my shoes) This fit could last as long as an hour........and has often times lasted longer.
Praise the Lord, she only cried a few minutes and off to sleep she went! The moral of the story? OK, there isn't one. Just had to complain about living in a location that we chose for I guess there's no one to blame but me! how funny. try to come on here and vent about aggravations and then end up realizing it's my fault to begin with. i just crack myself up sometimes. Oh well, have a great day everyone! I will.